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Reactors & Pressure Vessels

50 mm Thick Green Oil Separator

50 mm Thick Sulfur Adsorber Under Erection

50 mm Thick Sulfur Adsorber

AMINEX Contactor (Div. 2 Vessel)

ASME Div. 1 and 2 Vessels Under Installation

ASME Div. 1 and Div. 2 Vessels Under Installation

C3R 2nd Stage Suction Drum

Cold LP Separator

CS Air Receiver

CS Vessel for JGC

CS Vessels For Petro-Rabigh Project

De-Ethanizer Reflux Drum (Div. 2 Vessel)

De-Propanizer Reflux Drum

Degassing Drum

Fresh Ethane Knock-Out Drum

High Pressure Production Tram

High Pressure Production Trap (B32-D-0201)

High Pressure Production Trap (B32-D-0201)

HPPT (B32-D-0201) Ready For PWHT

Internally Glassflake Lined Vessel

Low Pressure Production Trap (B33-D-0204)

Low Pressure Production Trap (B34-D-0204)

LPG Storage Tank

LTCS Refrigerant Accumulators
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