Certificate of Appreciation recd. in recognition of Safe record during third Quater'17 in KhPD facility and mainting good level of safety behavior  
INMA has successfully completed Tank bottom Replacement (Tank #2T-1601 & 2T-1711) during SHARQ 2EG TAM APRIL 2017.  
DCRs & Nozzle job package during SHARQ 2EG TAM APRIL 2017 was successfully completed  
INMA has successfully completed Heat Exchanger Tube Expansion & Retubing Services during SHARQ 2EG TAM APRIL 2017.  
Quench improvement project PK-III during Petrokemya TAM APRIL 2017 was successfully completed.  
INMA has successfully completed SS Strip Lining for Evaporators in Ethylene Glycol ( EG)- April 2017 Plant of Yansab. The scope of works covers the procurement of all material fabrication and installation of SS 316L strip lining inside Evaporator columns (C-2531, C-2532,C-2533, C-2534 , C2535, C-2536).  
INMA has successfully completed SABIC E&PM EPC Project replacing Wet Crude EDC Tank TTK� with New Tank for Petrokemya. Scope of work includes Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Inspection, Testing, Precommissioning and Commissioning Support for the New Wet Crude EDC Tank (TTK-5104)..  
Furnace Wall repair at VCM Plant during Petrokemya TAM March 2017 was successfully completed.  

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